Church services at St Albans and St Phillips

St Albans is an Anglican church in the diocese of Newcastle.
Christians of all denominations are welcome at our services
and are invited to celebrate Holy Communion with us.

Photo by Peter Inman
Services at St Albans are held on the first Sunday of every month at 10am. Addditional services are held for the Folk Festival (closest Sunday to Anzac Day, 10am), St Albans Day (closest Sunday to June 22nd, 10am) and the Rural Fire Service.

Services at St Phillips, Upper Macdonald, are held on the fourth Sunday of of every second month at 10am (11am when there is a picnic service). In 2019 the first picnic service will be held on Sunday 24th March. which is not a regular service day, because of other calendar clashes. If you can, bring a plate to share, if you can't, just come. We are never short of food! Regular 10am services are February, April (omitted 2019 because it clashes with the Folk Festival), June, August. Picnic service again on October. No service in December.

Easter Services, St. Albans
Good Friday 10am and Easter Sunday 10am.

Christmas Service, St Albans
Christmas Eve, 6pm Carols and Readings. Cake & bubbly from 5.30

Provisional Service list for 2019