St Phillip's

St Phillip's Church is a small timber chapel, 18km further up the Macdonald River ("the branch") from St Albans. It was constructed in 1913, when the first service is shown in the parish register, and may have re-used some materials from an earlier church on the site. It had a major restoration and re-dedication in 2011. For service times see the services page.

Another tiny Anglican church, St Matthew's, once existed roughly midway between St Albans and St Phillips. It was on the right of the road going up the branch, more or less opposite the turn-off to Gorricks Run, and was known to the locals as the 'middle church'. This was removed to the Australiana Village (a reconstruction of a convict-era community) at Wilberforce, where it has apparently become known, incorrectly, as St Phillips.

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